Our Services

Air Conditioning Service

We come to you with our Mobile Service

The Revelstoke Garage is fully equipped to service and maintain air conditioning systems in all vehicle types… and we bring that service to you with our Mobile Air-Conditioning Service offered in the Revelstoke area.  Our a/c repair service even covers agricultural equipment, tractors, combines, etc… if it’s not blowing icy cold air and it should, give us a call and we’ll be right over.

Electrical Repair

Let us troubleshoot your vehicle’s electrial problems

Your car is in almost perfect condition…. except for that annoying problem where the horn beeps when you turn on the interior light, and the hood pops open when you turn on the radio.  Small electrical gremlins can drive a person crazy… and they can get a lot more serious when the main wiring harness connecting the vehicles electronics components becomes compromised making troubleshooting a nightmare.  We are experts at finding the needle in the haystack.

Custom Fabrication

We help bring your ideas to life.

When you have a project that requires special custom fabrication sometimes your best bet is to outsource the task.  Whether you have a fully formed project in mind and know exactly the custom pieces you need, or you are still in the planning stages and need expert design advice to achieve your project goals… we are here to help bring your custom projects to life.